Tomorrow marks ONE year since Gavin Newsom announced he would mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for all K-12 students in order to attend school in California. Little did he know this action would ignite an army of parents, concerned citizens, and grassroots organizations to come together and fight for parental rights and medical freedom like never before in this state, and across the country.

Let’s never forget the past YEAR OF TYRANNY brought forth by our lawmakers and administration under the guise of a “State of Emergency” which, despite current health guidelines, remains in place today.

Remember the play book of overreach they’re using and let’s keep playing offense. Share this infographic far and wide and keep these events at the forefront of your strategies moving forward. We’ve had wins and losses over the past year but this war is far from over.

Stay strong and battle on!

-The Unity Project 

October 1, 2021 – The Governor of California Announces K-12 Mandate

Newsom announces CA as the first state to mandate all students in K-12 schools must have CV-19 shot to attend school, pending FDA approval.

November 1, 2021 – Parents & Grassroots Efforts Ramp Up

After being labeled “Domestic Terrorists” by the National School Board Association in a letter to the president, frustrated parents, concerned citizens and grassroots groups begin organizing efforts and strategies to combat tyrannical mandates across CA, and beyond.

January 20, 2022 – California Bad Bills introduced

Radical CA senators Wiener, Pan and Assemblymember Wicks begin proposing bills, like SB 866 (lowering age of consent for vax to 12) and AB 2098 (silencing doctors on CV-19) in CA legislature.

February 15, 2022 – Masks lifted in California but not schools

Newsom signs executive order lifting indoor mask mandates for all Californians, but refuses to end mandate for school children across the state, postponing lift in K-12 requirement by two weeks

April 14, 2022 – Newsom delays K-12 Mandate

CV-19 vax mandate for schoolchildren in California is delayed until 2023. Under 34% of California children between the ages of 5-11 have received the shot.

June 17, 2022 – FDA approves shots for Babies

U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorizes emergency use of the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech CV-19 shot for use in children as young as six months of age.

June 30, 2022 Renewed state of emergency

For the second time, Gov. Newson extended the Disaster Recovery Order, allowing for “flexibility” to support the state’s CV-19 testing and vaccination programs. Many of the proposed Bad Bills can only be implemented under emergency status.

July 5, 2022 – Judge reverses LAUSD ruling

CA judge overturns initial ruling that school district’s have “broad discretion” to implement policies and procedures to protect the “health and safety” of their communities. With mounting pressure from advocacy groups and parents, policies deemed illegal.

August 11 2022 – CDC Guidance Change for All

The Center for Disease Control updates guidance for unvaxed people to be consistent with guidance for vaxxed people, stating it “helps us move to a point where CV-19 no longer severely disrupts our daily lives.”

August 31, 2022 – SB 866 is dead

Statewide grassroots efforts and actions from 100s of thousands of Californians pressure lawmakers to vote NO on SB 866, leading Senator Scott Wiener to pull the bill from full floor vote.’s-statement-decision-pull-sb-866-teens-choose-vaccines-act

September 27, 2022 – Newsom Vetoes/Signs Bad Bills

CA Gov decides on which bills to sign into law

Vetoed: AB 1940 (School-based “health clinics”)

Signed: AB 1797 (Creates immunization tracking system accessible to all Government agencies) & SB 1479: “CV testing plan” for public schools

TBD: AB 2098 (Punishes doctors’ free speech)

TODAY: The Public Health State of Emergency in California remains in place until further notice.