We are parents.  We are doctors. We are first responders, teachers and concerned citizens who have found ourselves at a crossroads. We see our freedoms being stripped away, and we can no longer stay silent.

We are millions strong, united in a thundering voice and imperative mission that cannot, and will not, be ignored.

We are standing up for the basic human right to raise our own children, earn a living, and make our own medical decisions without the tyrannical overreach that has been forced upon us here in California, across the country and around the world.

We are here to amplify the voices moving the needle, bring forth truth, and provide education and resources with tangible tools and expert insights.

We are The Unity Project

"Unifying efforts and amplifying voices to secure our Medical Freedom and Parental Rights"


United in Action. Building an action-oriented community guided by integrity and  rational evidence-based common sense

Strength through Diversity. This movement reflects remarkable diversity across the political, racial, socio-economic, and all other “spectrums,” forming a collaborative mosaic of thoughtful citizens who share one common goal: Protect our children by securing our medical freedom and parental rights

Medical Choice. This movement is beyond only fighting the vaccine mandates for children. Broad swaths of those in the movement have received the Covid-19 vaccine, and our focus is on the choice to make your medical choices, not Pro-Vax versus Anti-Vax.


Education & Awareness 

The purpose of The Unity Project is to amplify the voices moving the needle in the fight for medical freedom and parental rights, bring forth truth, leverage the scientific expertise of our strategic advisory council, and provide education and resources with tangible tools and expert insights.

Strategic Partnership The Unity Project seeks to connect grassroots organizations across the state of California and beyond, helping them to communicate and coordinate more effectively by awareness of its strategic efforts through education, partnership, and action

Our mission

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    We are quickly uniting the various groups across the state while simultaneously collaborating with many regarding strategy and the most effective ways we can aid the excellent work they’re already doing.  Given that every moment counts, we need everyone reading this message to immediately:

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    Click on the relevant “Get Involved” link and take a few moments to provide your contact information. We must build a network that social media cannot “cancel”.

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    If you’re not already involved with an existing group in your area, please visit the “Strategic Partners” section of our website, reach out, support them and engage!

  • Section 4

    Aggressively distribute this website to everyone you know and ask them to do the same thing three things.

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