Anti-Mask Resources

Action Steps:

1. Sign the Covid-19 Parental Refusal of Consent form and send to the following and ensure that your child/children carry this with them any time they are at school:
Parent Non Consent Form

  • School Principal
  • School Nurse

Anti-mask Letters

1. If you attended the webinar for the masks here is the letter Parisa wrote to her school. It has great resources from The Unity Project doctors.  Please feel free to edit as you see fit.
School Mask Letter

2.  Here is a resource to two more letters from Fierce Communicator.  First, is a template letter to the Principal and there is also a letter concerning Notice of Liability.

3.  Another great tool than can be utilized is a parent exemption form created by  for students in California.  This letter has been accepted by some principals in parts of the states but is not guaranteed.
Letter to Educator

4.  Attorney Tracy Henderson, who presented on our mask mandate webinar and sits on The Unity Project’s Strategic Advisory Board, has created a “Letter to Educator” template that parents can use to communicate with their respective schools. The letter sites relevant studies and education code.

5.  For Facts Law Truth Justice: Step By Step Guides for mask school toolkit.

6.  Information for Steps for Filing Claims Against Officials through their surety bonds and insurance policies.

Partner Resources:

Facts Law Truth Justice, LLP


Form Filling

For all necessary information and to obtain the request forms for filing an insurance claim against elected or appointed officials, please visit

For all necessary information and to file a claim against surety bonds of elected officials or certified person, please visit

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