School Board Resources

Expert Commentary, Talking Points & Resolution Template 

This package is a powerful tool to assist in winning this fight against the vaccine mandate on our children. Provided in this package is the following:

  • Talking Points on vaccine efficacy
  • Downloadable videos (1-3 minutes in length) of subject matter experts in the field of science and medicine related to these vaccines that can be used during public comments or shared online
  • Proposed Resolution for your school board to end to Governor Newsom

Talking Points 

We highly recommend sticking to these narrowly tailored talking points when speaking to school board members (or anyone really) to avoid going down a rabbit hole argument.

  • Pursuant to the CDC, the fatality rate for children from COVID-19 nationwide is .00003% and the state average for California on a seven-day rolling basis is 0%. Accordingly, children are not warranted to be vaccinated for COVID-19.
  • Pursuant to the CDC, the CDC Director and Dr. Fauci in his New York Times November 12 interview, the COVID-19 vaccine will not prevent infection or transmission of the COVID-19 virus, nor will it prevent serious injury, hospitalization or death any longer. Therefore, the vaccine is no longer the best tool for prevention of transmission. It is now a medical treatment, at best, hence it cannot be mandated as treatments are a personal medical choice pursuant to the state and federal Constitutions.
  • Pursuant to the FDA, the vaccine manufacturers, and multiple scientists across the nation and the world, these vaccines pose grave risks of severe myocarditis, blood clotting, and neurological damage to name a few, predominantly prevalent in adolescents. As such, the risks of taking the vaccine strongly and significantly outweigh the benefits especially as it pertains to the pediatric community.


We recently hosted a video podcast discussing the data and science of the vaccines and the pediatric community.

Featured experts:

  • Dr. Kirk Milhoan, MD – Pediatric Cardiology
  • Dr. Mark McDonald, MD – Child Psychiatrist
  • Dr. Robert Malone – Inventor of the mRNA vaccine platform used in the Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines

Webinar Series: Covid-19 and vaccine observations from pediatric specialists


We recognize this resolution will be a tough one to sell, hence we have offered it in Word format so that your respective board members can amend it as they see fit. It is proposing non-compliance to the vaccine mandate. Our goal is to get as many districts as possible to send these resolutions to the Governor before the Senate and the Assembly back into session in January in hopes that he will rescind the proposed mandates. Please note, this Resolution does not bind the school district or its board members to its contentions. In other words, they can change their minds, but we hope they won’t. Please let the board know that we will help in their legal defense should they agree to NOT COMPLY.

[Click here for the School Board Resolution Template word doc]

Good luck out there! Moms & Dads are the ones that will win this fight for us and we thank you for doing your part!!


School Board Meeting Resource Package

School Board Resolution Template

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