Declare the COVID Pandemic Over and remove the mandates and emergency declarations! The time has come to move on!

Yes, the COVID lockdown lunatics are at it again and what damage they have done must not be forgotten and we must get accountability for every policy decision that harmed our society and costed lives. Each and every one must be examined in proper public hearings and inquires. Yes, Dr. Anthony Fauci is also at it again causing panic, confusion, hysteria, and distrust in the society with his illogical para ‘pandemic is over’ one day and ‘pandemic is back on’ the next day statements (e.g. “The United States is finally “out of the full-blown explosive pandemic phase”).

Despite this, the time has come. It is time we declared the pandemic over and drop all these nonsensical unscientific mandates and the underpinning emergency powers. It is time we moved forward and accepted that we will manage COVID and live with it as we do for other viruses. This is the approach that was needed in February/March 2020, where we should have used an age-risk stratified focused protection approach, with strong protections of the vulnerable and allowing the rest of the well, healthy, low-risk society to live largely normal lives. Using early therapeutic treatment as needed.


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