Tracy is a trial attorney who is passionate about the law and the freedoms it provides. She takes her oath she swore to the constitution seriously. Tracy currently focuses on protecting civil liberties for parents and employees but spent many years helping organizations and companies solve their business problems and mitigate their legal risk. Her marketing and communications background coupled with legal experience also gives her the business acumen to be a true business enabler and partner. Her high-stakes litigation and trial experience on the administrative, mutli-state and federal levels, truly give her the ability to aid leadership in their efforts to actually spot, mitigate and fight risk. In this era focusing on constitutional freedoms, Tracy has successfully interfaced with government regulatory agencies up to the top cop. And, for Tracy, integrity is a core value that is not for sale.

Most importantly, Tracy does NOT live by “this is the way it is always done” because, if doing things the way they are always done was helpful, there wouldn’t be challenges or problems that require a lawyer. Tracy has a visceral disdain for drama and liars and seeks to simply get things done – whatever it takes. In short, Tracy is a true problem solver with a proven track record of success who makes a meaningful impact in dynamic, fast paced, or growing organizations.

Tracy is the founder of where she works tirelessly to empower parents to advocate for their right to choose what is best for their children. For fun, she volunteered as an on air legal expert on a local TV station and now has a monthly radio show on called “Make it Legal.”